Sunday, July 27, 2014

How do we deal with the day to day...

Day to day life is full of joy, boring repetition and sometimes moments of anguish or rage.

I've been trying to remember back to my childhood to find how I was taught to deal with life. Who told me how life was supposed to be? How to deal with this problem or that problem, big or small.

Sadly, I can't remember anyone. Not my parents, not the preachers or ministers, not my Boy Scout leader or school teacher. No one.

I know there were times where someone said something like, "It's ok, Gary. Things will work out. You're just having a bad day." or "I know this hurts, but this is the way life is."

The Bible has lots of lessons and parables. Other religious works give more precise directions. Some philosophical works just give vague riddles or commandments.

While I was growing up, other than "Act like a man" or "Life is hard, deal with it", I can't really remember any valid, usable, positive advice on how to live well.

Maybe it's just that my father was raised in such a sterile and unloving environment, so he had no idea how to help his own family. I think he tried, but he had no foundation to work from. My mother did her best as well, I'm sure. But again, she had a very hard childhood herself.

If you have family, take a moment and ask yourself how you might instill a positive, helpful attitude. Be open to talking about your problems and how you resolved them.

Show your family that you've made mistakes but you've tried. Talk to them when they have a problem and help them find the best, right answer.

They may never thank you. That's ok. You've made life a little better for them.

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