Monday, August 29, 2016

Live your moments well...

Reading this post is a just a brief moment in your life, one I hope you'll enjoy before you turn to the next.

The older you get, the more you pay attention to these moments and how you enjoy or ignore them. You start caring if you're spending time well or wasting it.

In our youth we all just barrel ahead, soaking in everything, no matter how many times we bump up against time wasting efforts. Yes, youth is wasted on the young, but how else could it be? 

In our youth we embrace everything, ignore nothing and still somehow have time to waste on things we'll never remember. But that's what the young are good at. That's why we grow, physically and mentally. We have no filters, no barriers to trying everything. It's the right attitude. It makes us stronger, faster, smarter.

As we 'mature', we can experience things with our minds as well as directly. My experience reminds me that I don't enjoy movies by that director or eating that kind of food or working at that kind of job. So I spend less time trying them. Rather, I look for experiences that I believe will be fun and interesting. Like becoming an author and blogger.

I think we're more aware of the world than when we were younger as well. Maybe it's the filters we build up over years of experiences. Maybe we're less distracted by the bright and shiny things that are everywhere.

My moments are precious. Family moments. Friend moments. Work moments. And when I can, moments to just let the world spin without me.

Relax and enjoy your moments. 

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