Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Explaining the universe

All should have the right to explore the meaning of the universe, without fear of persecution or harm from your fellow man.

Every life is precious. Every mind is a wonderment that should be allowed to experience that life to the fullest it is capable.

The sheer joy of experiencing a thunderstorm for the first time as a child can be felt again if we allow it.

The sunrise on a cold November morning in Colorado, where the air is so cold it burns your nose as you breathe it in, can fill your heart with peace.

How you explain the thunderstorm and the sunrise is irrelevant. That you are allowed to explain them, as it makes sense to you, defines humanity.

Study the philosophies and religions of the world. Get to know how they came to be and what they really mean to those who follow them. Perhaps they all point to common ground.

We live in this universe together.

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