Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reading and writing must be a universal right

One of the insanities in our world is that not everyone learns how to read and write. Cultural barriers, physical barriers and a lack of world wide support for the written word are slowly changing for the better but it's always too slow.

I don't advocate forcing everyone to learn their ABCs, I'm advocating everyone have the same chance, the same access to reading about the this world and all the other worlds in our combined imaginations. The same access to add to that vast collection of human experience.

If you know someone who can't read or write, help them. It's hard to set this as the highest priority in someone's life but it should be as high as possible. Reading and writing open the doors of life in so many ways.

Here it comes: paper exercise time.

In your 'Insanity Notebook' ( you did put all these exercises in a notebook, right? ;-) add this one, and yes I realize it's slightly ironic to do and exercise about reading and writing in a notebook.

Look up three places in the world where you could help spread the gift of the written word. I would suggest the Red Cross and checking with religious outreach programs. Use your imagination, you'll find a way.

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