Thursday, April 3, 2014

Insanity on the road...

I fear there will be lots of these kinds of posts from me, scan past them if you've heard these ditties before.

This morning I was waiting at a light, ready to turn left onto the freeway side road, my typical drive in the morning. There's been lots of highway and building construction lately. 'Lately' for Texas is basically 'always'.

An 18 wheeler pulled along the right side of the car just ahead of me in the next lane, a non-turn lane. He revved his engine a couple of times and leaned out, asking to get into the left lane to turn.

The car he was waving to ignored him, so he looked back at me and raised his hand with that 'can you help me' look we all understand. So I waved back and motioned for him to pull in ahead of me. His relief was obvious on his face and he gave me a smile and thumbs up.

When the light changed, I waited a bit, allowed him to pull in front of me, which he did quickly, waving again.

At that time, car behind me honked, loud and long. The driver was waving at me for being so stupid as to allow the trucker to cut in line. I ignored him but it burned me.

Really? These truckers are some of the best drivers out there, doing a very difficult job to support YOU and ME with construction of highways, building and tons of other stuff. That truck and it's driver represent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of commerce trying to get delivered, hauled, whatever.

Of course there are jerk truck drivers, just like there are jerk commuters. My experience is that they are far and away more courteous than the average guy on the way to work.

Anyway, we all made it through the light. The ninny behind me raced around to my left, zoomed up the next red light. The trucker and I cruised at the speed limit and joined him, stopped at the light. I think it was really pissed that he had to stop but we would have caught up to him at the next light anyway. Sheesh!

So today's thought on the silliness of humanity (not going to say insane but it's 'this' close ;-), RELAX!

Courtesy on the road will get us ALL where we need to be safely and in a decent mood.


  1. I like this one. We all get caught between good drivers and assholes on the road. The overwhelming number of truckers I see are great drivers and I see a lot of 'em anytime I am on I-99 or I-5, both of which run thru Stockton, CA.

  2. Sorry I missed your comment earlier, Douglas. I agree, most are great and I give them big kudos for their dedication and tolerance.