Friday, October 26, 2012

Health care

If humanity commits itself to finding the causes and prevention of disease we could all live long and healthy lives.

We've made some marvelous advances and there are more in the wings. But disease research is still a 'for profit' endeavour for the most part and that's holding us back.

This is a common 'theme' for me when I'm contemplating life in general. Humans are capable of amazing leaps of advancement but most of it comes when there is money to be made.

Yes I know not all and I'm so very grateful for the not-for-profit research you are doing. Thank you.

For all the rest of the research that is only done because of the return on investment, I worry for us. Why do we risk only for monetary reward?

Why do we seek answers only when the answers come with power in some form. Money, status, recognition.

Draw a picture of a University in your town that is dedicated purely to the goal of eradicating disease. Add the different buildings and what research is performed there. What is the study list, who would teach there, who would speak.

Now draw the connecting lines to all the Universities in all the cities of all the world, sharing and pushing us up out of our lethargy.

What a marvelous picture you've drawn! Well done!

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