Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why aren't we on the moon?

Look up the advances that were made when we decided to go to the moon. Why not tell you? Then you wouldn't go find out for yourself and you'd miss a million things. Use this marvelous knowledge tool called the Internet. Please spend a few minutes trying to find a few sites that talk about the days when man pushed his way to the Moon for Pete's sake.

You back? Well? You should be impressed as hell and shocked that so much of what we enjoy today came from that space program.

Now ask yourself where we'd be today if we had continued that program and put a colony on the moon. Use your imagination. Let it go, let it soar. Draw a couple of pictures of what YOU think a colony would look like. Write down a couple of things you think we'd have today if we had kept pushing, kept striving, kept dreaming.

You sad now? I am. The space program is essential for mankind's soul and advancement.

We'd be insane to stop striving.

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