Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's obvious we are all a little crazy

After thousands of years of human civilisation we still fight, starve, kill, abuse, hurt, ignore, ... well you get it. We act badly towards each other and ourselves.

Yet we're humble, loyal, helpful, sharing, happy, giving, heroic... again you get it. We can act nice.

So we know right from wrong. We want to be good and live a good life and yet we don't. Isn't that a symptom of a crazy species?

That's part of this blog. It's at the core of why I believe mankind is hobbled in our search to be 'better' by a basic problem We're all nuts. But we can loosen the hobbles if we want to.

As wonderful a creature as mankind is, we can't seem to focus on the important work of living for longer than it takes us to drink a latte and eat a donut.

By now in our history there should be no war, no want for food, clothing or shelter, no disease.

We should have the freedom to seek our spiritual values, seek and enjoy work, travel at will, pursue new adventures, pursue education at any and all points of our lives.

We should have active and vibrant art and sports communities. Places of learning should be open, free and bustling with minds both young and old.

We should have colonies on the Moon and Mars. We should have an energy system that pollutes our world as little as possible. We should have no 'waste'. Waste is a resource we're too lazy to recover.

You can't get rid of everyday problems nor would I advocate a Utopian society where everyone is free to do what ever they wish.

Maybe this is a foolish blog. Maybe others have already figured out that humans simply cannot go further because of what we are.

Or maybe we can pull ourselves up a little more each day if we talk about it and find small simple solutions.

I like small simple solutions.


  1. That's exactly right. But we all know it will never happen. That's the tragedy. We're lemmings. Microbes will inherit the Earth, for as long as it lasts. Best wishes! Fred.

  2. I wonder if the real, surprising, wonderful, unintentional benefit to 'social media' like blogs and twitter is the ability to advocate change in real time. You and I are having a conversion about human's getting 'better, taking small attainable steps to improve everyone's lives.
    At no time in history would be have been able to communicate virtually instantly and make changes. The last time humans got this kind of interaction advantage was printed books and THAT was one way.
    I have high hopes for all of us.