Sunday, August 4, 2013

Support and attend local theater

My granddaughter is in a local production of 'Annie'. It's her first play. She's not Annie or one of the chorus, she's just an orphan in the background. She gets to sit on the stairs during some of the songs and do some singing and little 'mopping stuff around'. It's frikkin' amazing!

One look at her on the stage and I start weeping. I'm 61, sitting in the church sanctuary with 200 other parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors, bawling at these adorable girls singing 'It's a hard knock life!'. It's wonderful.

The insanity here is that there isn't a full time, free (OK, I'll help pay for it with taxes and donations ;-) theater group in every town and village in the world. Places where boys and girls can get together and learn more social 'skill's in a month than some do in a lifetime.

Things like:
Cooperation: how can we make this scene come alive with all of us on the stage?
Acceptance: I'm not Annie for this production but I'd like to keep learning and tryout for a bigger part next time.
Humility: Oops, I messed that up. I'm sorry. I'll get it right next time.
Skill: Last year I was an OK orphan. This year I want to try it again and be better!
Experience: I don't know if I can sing well enough but I'm going to try something new!
Patience: I've been sitting here ALL DAY, waiting for my cue, but that's OK. We need to get this scene right.
Applause: I really like this feeling, I'm going to be in another play!

OK, so once again I over simplify things, but you get the idea. If you didn't get a chance to be in a high school production, or you simply didn't want to, it's OK. You can now. I was too shy, so I did the lighting for the plays. It was a blast. But I wish that I had overcome my shyness and tried out for SOMETHING.

Your homework assignment:
Check the local schools, city government, churches, etc and find a couple of theater groups that need help.
Maybe you can just contribute a few dollars.
Maybe you can volunteer to be an usher or greeter.
Maybe you can help build sets, or make costumes or be in the orchestra.
Maybe you can finally direct! (You know you've always wanted to try it ;0)
Go find a group that suits you. Get involved. Help.

You would be insane for not having fun.

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