Friday, August 30, 2013

Take a little break...

That's right, I said take a break. I did NOT say knuckle down and produce more, or better or smarter. I said take a break.

Take a moment for yourself. Do it responsibly and within the limits that your job and life permit but do it every day.

If you can walk around your building or lobby or house or whatever during lunch, do it. Don't take your phone, don't make calls or think about work. Don't think about anything. Focus on the trees or the grass or birds. Really look at them. When is the last time you actually looked at the eyes of a bird or the shape of the leaves on a tree?

Calm your busy mind for a moment. Let your mind enjoy a bird's song or a tree's beauty.

Work is not life. It's good to work. It's good to strive to be the best you can be. We need to work, it fills our lives with purpose and meaning and we help each other by working.

The moments are few in this life. Take a few, every day, and enjoy something beautiful.

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